The main role of “Foodstuffs” is the sales of raw materials, additives and functional food materials primarily to the food manufacturers.
We procure not only from domestic suppliers, but also from the suppliers all over the world through our original trade channel.

In particular, dairy ingredients has become our core business. We are dealing with multiple suppliers overseas in order to provide a continuous and stable supply, and to minimize the price related risks for our customers.

In addition, in regard to vegetables, fruit juice and processed fruit products, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Main products

Dairy products


Caramel powder, Caramel sauce, Whole milk powder, Skim milk powder, Whey powder, Butter, Cream, Cheese, Condensed milk


Cheese powder, Frozen cream cheese, Milk powder preparation, Cheese, Lactose, WPC, WPI, Micellar casein

Fruit and vegetable products

Powdered vegetables, Powdered fruit juices, Concentrated fruit juice, Natural fruit juices, Fruit juice puree, Dried fruits, Various nuts

Egg products

Whole egg, Egg white, Powdered egg yolk, Eggshell calcium, Processed egg

Food additives

Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, Thickeners, Vitamins, Minerals, Flavors, Food colorings, Quality improving agents, Antifoaming agent

Other foodstuffs

Powdered cocoa, Chocolate, Crunch, Brown sugar, Powdered tea, Instant coffee, Glucomannan, Soy protein

Functional products

Bacillus bifidus, Lactic acid bacteria, Lactoferrin, Lactulose, Dietary fiber, Theanine, Catechin, Iron, Peptide, Amino acids, Vitamin